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Jobs in China
Have you dreamed of making a difference while immersing yourself in a completely unique culture? Like the idea of becoming fluent in Chinese and seeing a brand new corner of the globe while you’re at it? How about a competitive monthly salary with accommodations, health insurance, and flights home thrown in?

As DBestInfo continues to grow, we’re helping place more and more people in teaching jobs across the globe. Whether you’re an experienced educational professional looking to change career paths, or if you’re new to the idea of teaching and want to know how to go about securing a teaching job in China, read on — we’ve got it all covered here.
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 DBestInfo is a well-established platform for foreigners  which provides enterprises with job seekers with the latest, most complete and reliable job information to help enterprises to lock their targets efficiently and accurately.  The most cost saving way to find the most appropriate talents. At the same time, DBestInfo has tens of thousands of users interaction every day in more than 700 WeChat for the enterprise where we bring job seekers and enterprises together in ground.         DBestInfo appeared online in 2015, is a rare foreign recruiting job platform, is optimized for the traditional recruitment. DBestInfo brings the most tenanted resources easily for the enterprises, at the same the it helps ordinary job seekers to find jobs easily by sending their resumes directly to the HR.         Choose DBestInfo for five major reasons:                  1. More professionals: We have professionals recommend you to jobs, we help you with free job counseling in China, we help to explore the larger space in China for .                  2. More convenient: First join a basic interview and then you are ready to meet the HR directly.                  3. More efficient: We have dedicated team to help you bring the suitable job for you.                   4. Special contacts: After long-term cooperation with the enterprise to establish a more understanding of the cooperative relationship, to give individuals more interview guidance and feedback, a greater degree of help individuals succeed in job search.                   5. My customer base: Business norms / good prospects for development / wages are relatively high.          We provide hot job services for Shanghai, Beijing and Guandong                  a) Expat Jobs in Shanghai                         b) Expat Jobs in Beijing                       c) Expat Jobs in China                    d) Expat Jobs in Guangzhou